In case you think we may not be as good as we say we are take a look at all of these fabulous comments from our customers.

"The Buzz club has been fantastic for our son Jack, he especially loves all the activities, everyone is so friendly and helpful. Jack can be a shy boy but when he is in the buzz club he comes out of his shell and doesn't want to leave.
It is the best holiday club on the island in my opinion."
Emma Shilling

"Having a child who is visually impaired meant I was very apprehensive about finding a suitable holiday club, but right from the start Shelley and the Buzz team put my worries at ease with their caring and supportive approach. My daughter's been going to Buzz for 3 years now and loves all the activities, trips and new friends she gets to make and I love the peace of mind of knowing that she's very well cared for there."
Haley Roberts

"We are really pleased with Buzz club, both our girls love going and look forward to all the activities and trips! The staff are all super friendly and helpful and know all the children by name. The activities are always varied with lots of choice. The girls will always come home shattered after a fun filled busy day, with loads of arts and crafts! We recommend Buzz to anyone looking for a holiday club."
Kathryn McCarrick

"My son has been going to Buzz club for a couple of years now and he loves it. He really enjoys choosing to go on different trips every day,.This makes me feel less guilty having to work during school holidays when I know he is really enjoying himself. I am very comfortable and happy with all of the staff working at The Buzz and I know that my child is safe and is being very well looked after at all times."
Val Crone

"The team at Buzz Club provide fantastic service. They are so much more than just a safe place to leave my daughter. Although obviously that as well, they really take time to get to know each and every child and how to encourage them. The trips and activities they put on are always brilliant and often the only problem is getting my daughter to choose between them - she wants to do them all...on the same day.
I would highly recommend Buzz Club to anyone."
Linda Wheeler

"Buzz club provides a wonderful and safe environment for our children, they experience trips and things that they wouldn't ordinarily do with us, make new friends and enjoy the outdoors.
Shelley and the rest of the team are excellent both in organisation and in their relationships with our children, and communication and booking is easy, and quick."
Nicola Walkingshaw

"I have nothing but praise for The Buzz. My little boy has been going for the last 18 months both to holiday and afterschool club and always has so much fun.
He is really happy, settled, and always enjoys going and has made lots of friends.
Shelley and the team do a fantastic job and are amazing with all the kids, they are very easy to talk to and always show a genuine interest in the kids. I couldn't recommend enough."
Charlene Cooper

"Chloe loves Buzz Club and is always asking me when she gets to go back. She always comes out of buzz club chattering away about the fun she has had and comes home with amazing memories and things that she has made everyday. Even when she goes without her friends, she makes new friends during her time at Buzz Club and I will continue to use buzz club during the holidays because of how happy Chloe is there!"
Yvonne Weir

"We chose The Buzz as our daughter went to Hopes and Dreams and still remembers the staff. There are so many activities to choose from and the trips are varied too. Our daughter looks forward to going to The Buzz. We have recommended it to others who are also impressed with what there is on offer."
Sarah Marshall

"The Buzz is fantastic. The range of activities and trips is enough to keep any child entertained. My boys do more in a week than I could ever hope to achieve in 6. It's a Great way for the kids to make friends from other schools, stay active and stimulated in the holidays and most of all to have lots of fun with a great team."
Hazel Stewart

"My girls love The Buzz, they especially enjoy the great variety of activities available every day and the fact that although they are separated due to their ages in school during holiday times they are able to spend time together. The only problem I have is if they are only staying for a half day session they never want to leave!!!"
Andrea Corey

"When you have no alternative than to work during your child's school holidays, you can feel guilty that they are going to miss out on going places, having fun and enjoying their break. Having researched several holiday clubs / after school clubs, The Buzz offered the most opportunities for my daughter to go on a varied amount of trips or undertake a range of activities on-site. The manager and staff are brilliant, always approachable and friendly. My daughter has been going to The Buzz since it started and she still loves it as much as she did at the start. She has great memories of both the staff she's met and some of the things she's done at The Buzz. The guilt of working goes, as I know she's having a great time and is not bored as there is so much to do.
I would highly recommend The Buzz to anyone considering using a holiday club."
Bernie May

"Everyone is amazing!! I love leaving Erin with buzz as its like leaving her with family. She loves them all and I know she's always safe and happy, which means a lot these days."
Rachael Harrison

"All three of my children have loved Buzz Club, whether it be ASC or Holiday Club, I always know that they are having a great time with the full range of activities on offer, both creatively and physically. I could not recommend Shelley and the team more, they should be very proud of the achievements here and the high regard all the children have for them." Sophy Blakemore

"I have been nothing but happy and my son is excited to attend. There is so much going on and such a variety in activities and location that it is easy for him to attend for the whole 6 week summer holiday and be constantly stimulated." Niamh Bullock

"My husband and I are very happy with the service we receive. Our daughter loves attending after school club and holiday club, I'd go as far as to say she likes it more than being at home! There's always a variety of different activities and trips. The staff are great with kids and are all very approachable. I'm happy that my daughter is in a safe, fun and even educational environment when myself or her dad are not able to look after her. Thanks Buzz Club!"
Lyndsey Gaines

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